The Yemen Flag

Yemen Flag
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The Yemen flag is made is made up of three horizontal bars of even length. They are black, white, and red. The ratio is 2:3. The design was adopted officially on May 22, 1990.

The Yemen flag has the Pan-Arab colors, which are also shared by many other countries in the Middle East. The black represents the dark past, the white stands for the bright future, and red stands for the blood of heroes who have died.

The banner is actually the reverse of the German Empire’s banner. The Yemen flag is part of a country is located on the Arabian Peninsula. It is considered a republic.

The capital city is San‘a’, which is also the largest city. The Yemen flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “United Anthem”. The national motto is “God, Nation, Revolution, Unity”. The currency is called the Rial.

Some interesting facts about the Yemen:

religion: Islam, small communities of Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism
languages: Arabic
population: 23,013,481

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