The Wallis and Futuna Flag

Wallis Futuna Flag
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The Wallis and Futuna flag is actually unofficial. The official version is just the French flag. This unofficial flag though consists of a red background, where a white square is positioned on the right side. A red cross goes through this white square. In the upper right corner there is a small banner of France, which is outlined in white.

The Wallis and Futuna flag belongs to a country that is an overseas territory of France. It is located in the South Pacific, near Fiji and Samoa. It consists of two small islands.

The capital in the country is Mata-Utu, which is also the largest city. The Wallis and Futuna flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “La Marseillaise”.

Some interesting facts about Wallis and Futuna:

religion: Roman Catholicism 99.1%, others .9%
language: Wallisian 58.8%, Futunian 30.2%, French 10.7%, others make up 0.1%
population: 16,451

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