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The Welsh flag was officially adopted in 1959 and is known as the red dragon. It consists of a red dragon on a white and green background. The proportions of the flag are 3:5. It serves as both the civil and state banner.

The Welsh Flag was adopted recently, but the symbol of the dragon goes far back into history. This causes some people to claim it as the oldest national flag. The origins of the red dragon have been lost in time, but one theory holds that Roman soldiers wore the Draco standards when they were stationed in Wales.

Other legends purport that it was the war banner of King Arthur or other famous Celtic leaders. The Welsh flag is the only flag of the nation’s that make up the United Kingdom that is not represented in the Union Jack. This is because it is technically considered to be part of the Kingdom of England, because it was conquered by Edward I on England in 1282. There have been proposals to add elements of the banner into the Union Jack, but they haven’t been met with much popularity.

The country’s capital city, and largest city, is Cardiff. The Welsh flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “Wales Forever”. The title of the national anthem is “Land of My Fathers”.

Some interesting facts about the Wales:

religion: Presbyterian, Anglican, Roman Catholicism
languages: English, Welsh
population: 3,004,612

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