The Venezuela Flag

Venezuela Flag
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The Venezuela flag was officially adopted on March 12, 2006. However, it dates back to 1811 during the nation’s fight for independence. It is a tricolor flag that consists of three horizontal bars: yellow, blue, and red. The proportions are 2:3.

The Venezuela flag has eight white stars inside of the middle blue bar. It also has the nation’s coat of arms in the upper left corner. The color stands for land, the blue symbolizes courage, and the yellow represents red stands for freedom.

August 3rd is considered to be Flag Day. The Venezuela flag was recently changed in 2006, although some such as Óscar Pérez, believe the changes are controversial. There have been a number of changes to the number and pattern of the stars over the years.

The capital in the country is Caracas, which is in fact the largest city. The Venezuela flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “God and Federation”. The national anthem is titled “Glory to the Brave People”. The currency used is Bolívar fuerte.

Some interesting facts about Venezuela:

religion: Roman Catholicism (somewhat nominal) 96.1%, Protestants 1.9%, other religions 2%
language: Spanish (the official language), various indigenous languages
population: 26,414,903

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