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The Uruguay flag was officially adopted on July 11, 1830 and its ratio proportion is 2:3. It is made up of nine alternating blue and white stripes that extend horizontally. The Sun of May is the symbol located in the top left corner.

The Uruguay flag was designed by Joaquín Suárez. The nine stripes represent the nine counties of the nation. The design is similar to the flag of Greece, and to a lesser extent, the flag of the USA.

The nation gained independence from Brazil from 1825-1828. The Uruguay flag belongs to a nation that is considered to be a republic. A version of the Peso is used.

The capital in the country is Montevideo, which is in fact the largest city. The Uruguay flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “Freedom or death”. The national anthem is title “Himno Nacional Uruguayo”.

Some interesting facts about Uruguay:

religion: Roman Catholicism 66.1% (somewhat nominal) Protestant 1.9%, Jewish 2.1%, others 31%
language: Spanish, Portunol, Brazilero
population: 3,477,791

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