The Ukraine Flag

Ukraine Flag
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The Ukraine flag was adopted on January 28, 1992. It is a bicolor flag that consists of two horizontal bars: a blue bar on top of a yellow bar. It was used back in 1918, but the Soviets banned it, seeing it as a symbol of nationalism.

The Ukraine flag has the proportions 2:3. The origins of the design predate Christianity. It is thought that the colors were used in festivals, where yellow represented fire and blue represented water. The colors were popular during the time of Kyivan Rus’ and the Cossacks as well.

Some others trace the flag back to the Spring of Nations of 1848 when it was first flown in the Lviv magistrate. The Ukraine flag differs somewhat from its naval ensign, which only shows the banner in the upper right quadrant. Septemer 4th, 1991, was the first day the banner blew over the Parliament building.

The largest and capital city is Kiev. The Ukraine flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Ukraine's glory has not yet perished, nor her freedom”.

Some interesting facts about Ukraine:

religion: Ukrainian Orthodoxy (Kyiv Patriarchate version) 50.3%, Ukrainian Orthodoxy (Moscow Patriarchate version) 26.2%, Ukrainian-Greek Catholicism 8.1%, Roman Catholicism 2.3%, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodoxy 7.1%, Protestant 2.1%, Judaism 0.7%, others 3.1%
languages: Ukrainian (the official language) 67%, Russian 24%, other 9% (including Romanian, Polish, and Hungarian)
population: 46,372,712

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