The Uganda Flag

Uganda Flag
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The Uganda flag consists of six horizontal bars. The pattern is as follows: black, yellow, red, black, yellow, red. The center features a white circle inside of which a Grey Crowned Crane is depicted.

The Uganda flag has proportion 2:3 and was designed by Grace Ibingira. Black stands for the people. Yellow stands for the sun. Red represents blood and brotherhood. It was adopted in 1962.

The country is located in central Africa. The Uganda flag belongs to a country that is a considered to be a democratic republic. It gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.

The capital city is Kampala, which is the largest city as well. The Uganda flag belongs to a nation whose anthem is “Oh Uganda, Land of Beauty”. The motto is “For God and My Country”.

Some interesting facts about Uganda:

religion: Roman Catholicism 41.9%, Protestant 42%, Islam 12.1%, none/other 4.0%
languages: Ganda, English, Arabic, Swahilli, many others
population: 31,368,100

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