The Tuvalu Flag

Tuvalu Flag
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The Tuvalu flag has the ratio 1:2. The background is light blue. The Union Jack is located in the upper left corner. There are nine yellow stars on the right side, each representing one of the islands of the nation.

The Tuvalu flag was adopted in 1978. However, in 1995 it was replaced with a new flag that did not contain the union flag. The original flag was eventually reinstated, as the new design was not very popular. This was because many felt it was a move away from the well liked British Monarchy.

The nation used the Tuvaluan dollar and the Australian dollar for its currency. The Tuvalu flag is part of a country that is considered Polynesian. It’s independence day is October 1st.

The capital in the country is Funafuti, which is also the largest city. The Tuvalu flag belongs to a country whose national anthem and motto is “Tuvalu for the Almighty”.

Some interesting facts about Tuvalu:

religion: The Church of Tuvalu (which is Congregationalist) 97.1%, Seventh Day Adventist 1.3%, others 0.5%, Baha'i 1.1%
language: English, Tuvaluan, Kiribati, Samoan
population: 12,177

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