The Tibet Flag

Tibet Flag
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The Tibet flag has the ratio 2:3 and was introduced by the 13th Dalai Lama in 1912. It is the symbol of the independence movement and is banner by China. It is the emblem of the Central Tibetan Administration, which is located in India, in the city of Dharamsala.

The Tibet flag has been used on and off again between 1912 and 1950. Six red and six blue bands radiate out from a centrally located sun. These represent the six tribes of Dong, Mu, Tong, Se, Dru and Ra. A snowy mountain is depicted below the sun.

There is a yellow border on three sides. The fourth side has no border, and is left open to tolerate thought that is non-Buddhist. The flag of Tibet is often used in demonstrations around the world. The nation is located in central Asia.

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