The Thailand Flag

Thailand Flag
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The Thailand flag was adopted officially on October 28, 1917. It consists of five vertical bands. The middle one is blue and larger than the rest. On each side of this band, there is a red and white band. The banner’s ratio is 2:3.

The Thailand flag also has a naval version, which features an elephant in the center. Costa Rica’s flag is also very similar, except for the colors are inverted. The nation was formerly known as Siam.

The country is considered both a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary republic. The Thailand flag is part of a country that is located in Southeast Asia. The color blue in the flag may have been picked to demonstrate solidarity with the Allied nations during WW1.

The capital city, which is also the largest city, is Bangkok. The Thailand flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Phleng Chat”. The currency is called the Baht. There is no nationwide motto.

Some interesting facts about Thailand:

religion: Buddhism 94.5%, Islam 4.7%, Christianity 0.7%, other religions 0.1%
languages: Thai and English
population: 65,494,301

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