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Syria Flag
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The Syrian flag was used from 1958-1961, and then was readopted in 1980. It is made up of three horizontal bars of equal size. They are red, white, and black. Two green stars are located in the center of the white bar. It has the ratio 2:3.

The Syrian flag is full of meaning. The colors used are Pan-Arab colors, which are also used by several other nations in the area. The two stars symbolize Syria and Egypt, which were once joined together in a political entity called United Arab Republic. The color green stands for Rashidun. The white stands for the Umayyads. The black is for Abbasids. The color red is for the blood of people who died for the country, but also is symbolic of the Hashemite dynasty.

The nation is located is located in the Middle East just below Turkey. The Syrian flag belongs to a country that gained independence from France between 1936 and 1946. It is considered a presidential republic.

The capital city and the largest city is Damascus. The Syrian flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Guardians of the Land”. The currency is called the Syrian pound.

Some interesting facts about Syria:

religion: Sunni Islam 73.9%, other Muslim (including Druze and Alawite) 16.1%, Christianity 10.0%, Judaism (very small)
languages: Arabic, Kurdish, Aramaic, Armenian, Circassian, English, and French
population: 19,747,609

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