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Switzerland Flag
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The Switzerland flag is a red square (proportion 1:1). The equilateral white cross is located in the center. There are three competing legends of how the banner came into being. The civil and state ensign are more rectangular.

The Switzerland flag is closely related to the flag of the Canton of Schwyz. This canton flag dates back to 1475, during the Burgundian Wars. The original cross depicted the body of Christ as well.

Troops have used this banner since in Battle of Laupen in 1339. The cross served as a contrast from St. George’s Cross and St. Andrew’s Cross. The Switzerland flag was proposed for use for federal forces in the modern day by a General, Guillaume-Henri Dufour. The shade of the color red in the banner has often varied over time.

The largest city is Zurich. The capital city of the country is Berne. The Switzerland flag belongs to a nation whose national motto or slogan is “One for all, all for one” and whose national anthem is “Swiss Pslam”.

Some interesting facts about Switzerland:

religion: Roman Catholicism 41.9%, Protestant 35.1%, Islam 4.5%, Orthodoxy 1.7%, other Christians 0.5%, other/unspecified 5.3%, none 11.0%
languages: German (the official language) 63.8%, French (official) 20.3%, Italian (official) 6.6%, Serbo-Croatian 1.4%,Portuguese 1.1%, Albanian 1.2%, English 1.1%, Spanish 1.2%, Romansch (official language) 0.4%, other 2.7%
population: 7,591,412

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