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Sweden Flag
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The Swedish flag was adopted on June 22, 1906. It features a yellow Scandinavian Cross on a blue background. The design and color of the banner is derived from the coat of arms of Sweden from 1442. The design heavily resembles that of its neighbors, especially Denmark.

The Swedish flag has colors that may actually go as far back as 1275, and might have been taken from the coat of arms of King Magnus Birgersson. The banner has its own interesting mythology. Eric the Holy claims to have saw the yellow cross in the sky when he arrived in Finland during the First Swedish Crusade of 1157.

Others believe it was created during the time of King Charles Knutsson, as a reaction to the Danish flag. The Swedish flag has 17 days of the year during which it should be displayed. The proportions of the design are 3:5.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Stockholm. The Swedish flag belongs to a country whose national motto or slogan is “F or Sweden – With the Times” and whose national anthem is “The Song of the King”.

Some interesting facts about Sweden:

religion: Lutheran 87%, others (including Roman Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Baptist, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism) 13%
languages: Swedish, Sami, Finnish
population: 9,045,391

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