The Sri Lanka Flag

Sri Lanka Flag
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The Sri Lanka flag is sometimes called the Lion Flag and is one of the more complex national flags in the world. It is set on a yellow background. On the left side there are two vertical rectangles, one green and one orange. On the right side, there is a purple rectangle with bo leaves in each corner. In the middle of this purple rectangle, there is a lion holding a sword.

The Sri Lanka flag has the ratio 1:2. It was adopted on officially on May 22, 1972, but dates back earlier.

The banner is rich in symbolism. The orange stripe represents the Tamil group. The green stripe represents the Muslim group. The lion on the Sri Lanka flag represents the Sinhalese ethnic group. The bo leaves stand for Buddhism and its four virtues, which are happiness, kindness, friendliness, and equanimity.

The capital city is Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte. However, the largest city is Colombo. The Sri Lanka flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Sri Lanka Matha”. The currency is called the Rupee.

Some interesting facts about Sri Lanka:

religion: Buddhism 69.2%, Islam 7.5%, Christianity 6.1%, Hinduism 7.2%, unspecified 10.0%
languages: Sinhala, Tamil, English, others
population: 21,129,070

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