The South Korean Flag

South Korea
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The South Korea flag has the ratio 2:3 and it is often called the Taegukgi. It consists of a white background with a blue and red taegeuk in the middle. There are black trigrams in each corner of the flag. It was designed by Bak Yeong-hyo and was officially adopted on March 6th, 1883.

The South Korea flag has significant meaning. The trigrams represent harmony, symmetry, circulation, and balance. The color white stands for cleanliness. The taegeuk represents the principles of Eum and Yang.

The four trigrams are gorge, force, radiance, and field. The South Korea flag is one of the most unique manners in the world. The nation is located just west of Japan.

The largest city and capital in the country is Seoul. The South Korea flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is titled “Patriotic hymn”. The national motto is “Benefit all mankind”. The currency used is the Won.

Some interesting facts about South Korea:

religion: Christianity 26.4%, Buddhism 23.1%, other/unknown 1.4%, no religion 49.2%
languages: Korea, English
population: 49,232,901

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