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The Slovakia flag came into being along with the nation’s consistitution on September 3, 1992. It is a tricolor design with three horizontal bars. Its colors of red, white, and blue are shared by several of the nation’s Slavic neighbors.

The Slovakia flag can be dated back to the revolution of 1848. It is often depicted with the national arms, which is placed slightly left of center on the banner. The proportion of the rectangle is 2:3. It was used unofficially and officially at certain times before 1992.

The banner is often flown vertically, with the white bar on the flag closest to the head of the flagpole. The Slovakia flag is very similar to that of the flag of Slovenia. The banner is often flown at local sporting events.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Bratislava. The Iceland flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “May mountains bring people peace” and whose national anthem is titled “Lightning over the Tatras”.

Some interesting facts about Slovakia:

religion: Roman Catholicism 68.8%, Greek Catholicism 4.2%, Protestants 10.9%, other/unspecified 3.1%, atheist 13%
languages: Slovak (the official language) 84%,Roma 1.9%, Hungarian 10.6%, Ukrainian 1%, other/unspecific 2.5%
population: 5,455,412

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