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Singapore Flag
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The Singapore flag is red and white. It consists of two horizontal bars of equal length. The bottom white bar has nothing in it. The top red bar contains a crescent moon and five white stars. It was adopted on December 3rd, 1959, when the nation became self governing.

The Singapore flag has the ratio 2:3. The banner portrays brotherhood, equality, and a young rising nation. Each star represents an ideal of the nation. These ideals are democracy, peace, equality, justice, and progress.

The banner is often flown on August 9th, which is National Day. The Singapore flag is part of a nation that is a parliamentary republic. It is located off the tip of the Malay Peninsula.

The capital city is Sinapore City. The Singapore flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “Majulah Singapura”. The national motto is “Onward Sinapore”.

Some interesting facts about Singapore:

religion: Buddhism 42.4%, Islam 15.0%, Hinduism 4.1%, Taoism 8.5%, Catholicism 4.8%, other Christians 9.9%, other 0.6%, no religion 14.7%
language: Mandarin, Malay, English, Cantonese, Teochew, Hokkien, Tamil, some others
population: 4,608,291

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