The Scotland Flag

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The Scotland flag is also known as the Saltire or the Saint Andrew's Cross. The Scotland flag consists of a blue field with a white cross in the middle. The cross represents the cross of the Christian martyr St. Andrew. It is thought that the Scotland flag was adopted sometime during the 14th century.

The Scotland flag was has it’s roots in an interesting legend. In 832 AD, the Picts and Scots battled the Angles in East Lothian. St. Andrew appeared to the king and assured him victory. On the day of the battle, the Scots and Picts saw the white cross of St. Andrew in the light blue sky.

The design can be flown at anytime by hospitals, schools, companies, individuals, and local authorities. The Scotland flag was almost changed by Robert Myles and a Council, who wanted to replace the Saltire. However, this was largely opposed by the public.

The largest city in the nation is Glasgow. The Scotland flag belongs to a country whose national motto or slogan is “No one provokes me with impunity”.

Some interesting facts about Scotland:

religions: Protestant, Catholic, Other
languages: English, Gaelic, Scots
population: 5,117,000

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