The Russian Flag

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The Russian flag was originally adopted on January 20, 1705. It was readopted shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union on December 11, 1993. The design is a tricolor (the Pan-Slavic colors of red, white, and blue) with three horizontal bars. The proportions of the rectangle are 2:3.

The Russian flag may have originated from its use on war and merchant ships. It is also rumored to be based on the flag of the Netherlands. The three colors supposedly came from the Grand Duchy of Moscow’s coat of arms. There is no official meaning of the colors.

A black, white, and yellow version was used from 1858 to 1883. This Russian flag was known as the coat of arms flag. Today, it is used as an ethnic flag by certain fascists and nationalists.

The largest city and capital in the country is Moscow. The Russian flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is called “National Anthem of the Russian Federation”.

Some interesting facts about the Russia:

religion: Russian Orthodoxy 14-20%, Islam 9-15%, other Christians 2%
languages: Czech 94.4%, Slovak 2.2%, unidentified 0.8%, others 2.1%
population: 140,702,082

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