The Romanian Flag

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The Romanian flag was adopted on July 16, 1994. The design is a tricolor one, with three vertical bars. The colors are red, blue, and yellow. These colors represent the three historical provinces of the country.

The Romanian flag first dates back to 1834. However, the colors go back as far as the sixth century. At a certain time in history, the colors were once displayed horizontally instead of vertically. The proportions of the rectangle are 2:3.

The design is also similar to the designs of Chad (different shades of blue), Moldova (once part of Greater Romania), and Andorra. The Romanian flag contained a communist coat of arms from 1948-1989. However, after the 1989 revolution, people flew flags with holes in the middle (where the coat of arms used to be).

The largest city and capital in the country is Bucharest. The Belarus flag belongs to a country whose national anthem or song is “Awaken, Romanian!”.

Some interesting facts about Romania:

religion: Eastern Orthodoxy 86.7%, Protestant 7.6%, Roman Catholic 4.6%, other/unspecified 1.0%, none 0.1%
languages: Romanian 91% (official language), Hungarian 6.7%, Romany/Gypsy 1.0%, other 1.3%
population: 22,246,871

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