The Quebec Flag

Quebec Flag
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The Quebec flag was adopted in January of 1948. It is sometimes known as the Fleurdelisé. A white cross divided the banner into four blue fields, which each contain a white fleurs-de-lis. The white cross is from France’s old royal flags. The blue fields are thought to be from a blue banner that was carried by a French-Canadian army into battle. It honored the Virgin Mary. The fleur-de-lis also are symbolic of the Virgin Mary and purity.

The Quebec flag has ratio 2:3. Similar designs existed previous to the 1948 adoption. One such flag was then Carillon flag of 1902.

The Quebec Nordiques Jersey was based on the Quebec flag. In 2001, it was ranked as the best flag of any Canadian province or territory. The survey was conducted by Nava (North American Vexillological Association).

Here are some quick facts about the province of Quebec.

Population: 7,730,783
Motto(s): I remember
Capital City: Quebec City
Largest City: Montreal

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