The Puerto Rico Flag

Puerto Rico Flag
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The Puerto Rico flag consists of five alternating horizontal white and red bars. The left side of the banner contains a blue triangle and inside of this triangle is a white five-point star. An interesting fact is that citizens who are pro-independence prefer a sky blue triangle. People who are pro-statehood prefer a darker shade of blue, that is closer to the blue in the United State flag.

The Puerto Rico flag has undergone several changes throughout it’s history. Some other versions were the Burgundy Cross flag, Lares revolutionary flag, and the Spanish Colonial flag. An interesting fact is that from 898 to 1952, only the flag of the United States was allowed to be flown.

Different banners are flown and carried at sporting events. The Puerto Flag is very similar to that of Cuba. The country is a semi-autonomous territory of the US.

The country’s largest city and capital is San Juan. The Puerto Rico flag is part of a nation whose national motto is “John is his name". The national anthem or song is titled “La Borinquena”.

Some interesting facts about Puerto Rico:

religion: Roman Catholicism 85.1%, Protestant/other 14.9%
languages: English, Spanish
population: 3,958,210

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