The Portugal Flag

Portugal Flag
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The Portugal flag was adopted on 30 June 1911. The flag is a red and green bicolor. It also features unequal vertical bars. This current flag replaced the old flag of the constitutional monarchy.

The Portugal flag has the colors red and green, which were associated with the Portuguese Republican Party. However, the green has come to represent hope, and the red has come to represent the blood shed for the nation. The proportions are 2:3.

The current design is radical because most previous flags heavily featured the royal arms. The Portugal flag no longer bears King Alphonso’s cross, like most previous versions did. The current versions uneven nature makes it very unique.

The largest city and capital in the nation is Lisbon. The Croatian flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “A Portuguesa”.

Some interesting facts about Portugal:

religion: Roman Catholicism 84.4%, other Christians 2.2%, others 0.4%, not known 9%, no religion 3.9%
language: Portuguese (official language), Mirandese (official language, but used locally)
population: 10,676,922

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