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Poland Flag
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The Poland flag is made up of a white horizontal bar on top of a red horizontal bar. The Poland flag was adopted in 1919 and itís ratio is 5:8. In 1831, the colors of red and white were recognized as the national colors. The colors of the Poland flag are derived from the coat of arms of the old nations of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The Poland flag is always flown by important institutions. Many common Polish people fly the flag on holidays and special occasions. As of now, the nationís laws do not restrict the act of flying the flag without the coat of arms.

Some popular days to fly the flag are May 1st, May 2nd, May 3rd, and November 11th. Polish law says that one should use reverence and respect when flying the Poland flag. If one does not follow these rules, a fine can result. Such crimes are rate, and no more than 100 seem to occur in a given year.

Red and white flags were first waved in Warsaw during demonstrations in 1916. The Poland flag can sometimes be depicted with the coat of arms inside of the white bar.

Some interesting facts about Poland:

religions: Roman Catholicism 89.8% (only 75% practice), Eastern Orthodoxy 1.3%, Protestant 0.3%, other/unspecified 8.6% ( languages: Polish 97.8%, and some other/unspecified
population: 38,519,000

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