The Poland Coat of Arms

Poland Coat of Arms
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The Poland Coat of Arms is known as the White Eagle. It depicts a white eagle, with a gold beak and a gold crown, on a red shield. It was adopted in 1295, but changed slightly to its current version in 1990.

The Poland Coat of Arms was undergone many changes throughout its history. It first appeared on coins minted during the time of Boleslaw I. It was used by the Polish Kingdom in 1919. It was redesigned by Zygmunt Kaminski in 1927.

Legend has it that the emblem came abut when Lech, the legendary founder of Poland, found a white eagles nest and saw a ray of red sunshine on the eagle’s wings, making them appear outlined in gold. The Poland coat of arms was born when he picked the eagle to put on his emblem. Another theory is that the emblem was derived from the Roman Empire’s coat of arms.

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