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Paraguay Flag
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The Paraguay flag is a tricolor flag with three horizontal bars that are red, white, and blue. Its proportion ratio is 3:5. It has different symbols on its reverse and obverse sides, much like the flag of Moldova. It was adopted in 1842.

The Paraguay flag has an obverse side that features the coat of arms of the nation in the center. The reverse side has the treasury seal, which shows a yellow lion. The banner looks similar to that of the Netherlands. From 1842 to 1990, the flag has undergone two slight changes.

The nation is located in central South America. The Paraguay flag is part of a nation that is considered to be a constitutional republic. It gained its independence from Spain in 1811.

The capital in the country is Asuncion, which also happens to be the largest city. The Paraguay flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “Peace and Justice”. The national anthem is title “Paraguayos, República o Muerte”.

Some interesting facts about Paraguay:

religion: Protestants 6.1%, Roman Catholicism 89.7%, other Christians 1.2%, other/unspecified 1.8%, no religion 1.1%
language: Guarani , Spanish
population: 6,158,124

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