The Oklahoma Flag

Oklahoma Flag
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The Oklahoma flag has a light blue background. A shield made of buffalo skin is featured in the center. This is a traditional shield of the Osage Nation. It has seven eagle feathers.

The two symbols of peace depicted are the olive branch (for White people) and the peace pipe (for Native Americans). The Oklahoma flag has a previous version from 1911-1925. It was replaced by a design created by Louise Fluke, which won a competition held by the Daughters of the American Revolution. The banner was adopted on April 2nd, 1925.

The shapes and colors on the Oklahoma flag were made official in 2006.

Here are some quick facts about the state of Oklahoma.

Population: 3,579,387
Year of Admission into the Union: 1907
Nickname(s): The Sooner State
Motto(s): Labor conquers all things
Capital City: Oklahoma City
Largest City: Oklahoma City

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