The Northern Ireland Flag

Northern Ireland Flag
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The Northern flag is known as the Ulster banner. It was used by the former government of the nation from 1953-1972. It is also sometimes referred to as The Red Hand Flag.

The Northern Ireland flag has rich symbolism. The colors are red, white, and yellow. There is some dispute over what the white star means. Some people think it is the Star of David, while other people think that each point stands for the counties that make up the nation.

The red hand of Ulster, which is a heraldic symbol of Irish/Celtic origin, is featured in the center of the flag. A new design for the Northern Ireland flag is discussed periodically, but it remains very controversial. Most of the proposed designs is the red hand of Ulster.

The largest city and capital in the country is Belfast. The Northern Ireland flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “Who will separate us”.

Some interesting facts about Northern Ireland:

religion: Roman Catholicism, Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist
language: English, Irish, Ulster Scots
population: 1,742,000

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