The North Korea Flag

North Korea Flag
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The North Korea flag consists of three horizontal bands. The middle is the largest and is red. The two outer bands are smaller and are blue. The red is separated from the blue by two thin white stripes. A white circle with a red star in the center is located slightly left of center.

The North Korea flag was adopted officially on September 8, 1948. The color red stands for patriotism. The blue stripes stand for the desire of the nation’s people to fight for independence, peace, and friendship with revolutionaries around the world.

The capital city is Pyongyang, which is also the largest city. The North Korea flag belongs to a country whose national anthem or song is titled “Aegukka”. There national motto is “Powerful and prosperous nation”. The currency is the North Korean won.

Some interesting facts about North Korea:

religion: Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Chondogyo. However, religious freedom does not exist.
languages: Korean
population: 23,479,901

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