The Nicaragua Flag

Nicaragua Flag
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The Nicaragua flag is a bicolor flag that has three horizontal stripes. The design was officially adopted on August 27, 1971. The proportion of the rectangle is 3:5.

The Nicaragua flag has the colors white and blue. The coat of arms is featured in the middle of the white bar. The design is based on the flag of Argentina and the flag of the United States of Central America. The civil ensign does not contain the coat of arms.

The country’s largest city and capital city is Managua. The Nicaragua flag is part of a nation whose national anthem is titled “Salve a ti, Nicaragua”. It was accepted in 1939 and the music was written by Luis A. Delgadillo.

Some interesting facts about Nicaragua:

religion: Roman Catholicism 72.8%, Evangelical 15.2%, Episcopalian 0.2%, Moravian 1.6%, others 1.7%, no religion 8.5%
languages: Spanish 97.5% (the official language), Miskito 1.6%, others 0.9%, English, indigenous dialects.
population: 5,786,124

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