The New York Flag

New York Flag
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The New York flag depicts the state’s seal on a blue background. The seal is held up by two women, Liberty and Justice. Liberty has a Phrygian cap, a revolutionary symbol, on a pole, and she is also standing on a crown, which is symbolic of freedom the Great Britain. Justice holds a scale and a sword.

The shield itself depicts the Hudson River with sailing ships (representing commerce), and contains the Latin motto “Excelsior”, which means superior. The design of the New York flag dates back to 1778. The color of the background was changed on April 2, 1901.

The New York flag is significantly different from the flag of New York City.

Here are some quick facts about the state of New York.

Population: 783,734
Year of Admission into the Union: 1788
Nickname(s): The Empire State
Motto(s): Excelsior
Capital City: Albany
Largest City: New York

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