The New Zealand Flag

New Zealand Flag
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The New Zealand flag was adopted in the early 1900’s. It is a banner with a blue background. The Union Jack is located in the upper left corner. To the right are four red stars with white borders. As seen from the nation, the stars stand for the constellation of Crux, which is the Southern Cross.

The New Zealand flag has proportion 1:2. The design has been the center of controversy in recent years because some people want the design changed. Among the reasons for change are the fact that is very similar to the flag of Australia, and because it still contains the Union Jack, which some think portrays a colonial status.

The first design created before the current banner contained the letters NZ in the bottom corner. However, the stars were not contained in the blue field. The New Zealand flag also has a civil ensign, which has a red background instead of a blue background. The nation is located to the southwest of Australia.

The capital in the country is Wellington. However, the largest city is actually Auckland. The New Zealand flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “God Defend New Zealand”.

Some interesting facts about New Zealand:

religion: Roman Catholicism 12.2%, Anglicans 14.7%, Presbyterians 10.9%, Pentecostals 1.8%, Methodists 2.9%, Baptists 1.6%, other Christians 9.4%, other/unidentified 20.5%, no religion 26%
language: English and Maori
population: 4,173,460

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