The New Brunswick Flag

New Brunswick Flag
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The New Brunswick flag was officially adopted on February 24, 1965. It is ranked by NAVA (North American Vexillological Association) as the 18th best designed flag of North America in a 2001 survey.

The New Brunswick flag has ratio 8:5. A red horizontal stripe is located at the top of the banner. A gold lion is depicted here, which symbolizes the provinces ties to Germany and the monarchy of the UK. Below this, a Spanish galley is depicted on a gold field. It represents the provinces history with the ship building industry. Below this, three wavy lines represent the water. We have New Brunswick flag t-shirts and gifts.

Here are some quick facts about the province of New Brunswick.

Population: 751,313
Motto(s): Hope restored
Capital City: Fredericton
Largest City: Saint John

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