The Nauru Flag

Nauru Flag
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The Nauru flag has the ratio 1:2. It is a blue banner that is divided by a yellow bar, which represents the equator. Below the bar, on the left side, is a white star. This represents the position of the country. The color white represents phosphate, one of the nation’s minerals. The twelve points of the star stand for the nation’s twelve tribes.

The form of government is a republic. The flag of Nauru belongs to a country that gained its statehood in 1968. It is located in the South Pacific.

The largest city is Yaren. There is no capital city. The Nauru flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “Nauru Bwiema”. The national motto is “God's Will First”. The currency used is the Australian dollar.

Some interesting facts about Nauru:

religion: Roman Catholicism, Protestant sects
language: Nauruan, English
population: 13,769

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