The Morocco Flag

Morocco Flag
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The Morocco flag was adopted on March 2, 1956. It consists of an all red background with a green pentagram in the center. The ratio of the banner is 2:3.

The Morocco flag has a star which contains five points, which may represent the five pillars of Islam. There have been several previous versions of the banner. The design is also used by Moorish Americans.

The nation is located in northwest Africa. The Morocco flag belongs to a country that is listed as a constitutional monarchy. It gained its independence from France and Spain in 1956.

The capital city is Rabat. The largest city is Casablanca. The Morocco flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “Hymne Chérifien”. The currency that is used in the country is the rupee. The national motto is “God, Nation, King".

Some interesting facts about Morocco:

religion: Mainly Islam, small Christian and Jewish communities
languages: Berber, Arabic, French
population: 34,343,346

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