The Massachusetts Flag

Massachusetts Flag
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The Massachusetts flag consists of the stateís seal on a white background. The seal features an Algonquin Native American, with his bow and arrow pointing down, which is symbolic of peace. The design also featured a white star, which shows that the state was the sixth state to enter the Union. A blue ribbon with the stateís motto printed on it surrounds the lower section of the seal.

The top of the seal depicts a bent arm holding a sword, which is symbolic of the American Revolution. The Massachusetts flag was adopted officially in 1908, but has always been used as far back as 1776. The design was added to both sides of the flag in 1971.

There are two others Massachusetts flags in addition to this one: the naval banner and the Governorís flag.

Here are some quick facts about the state of Massachusetts.

Population: 6,350,152
Year of Admission into the Union: 1788
Nickname(s): Bay State
Motto(s): By the sword she seeks peace under liberty
Capital City: Boston
Largest City: Boston

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