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Malta Flag
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The Malta flag was adopted on 21 September 1964, which is the date the country gained its independence. It is a bicolor flag that has two vertical bars with the following colors: white and red. In 1091, the Malta flag got its colors from the Count Roger of Sicily.

The Maltese flag has a St. George’s Cross in the upper left corner. This was put their by King George VI, in order to honor the people of the country for their high level of bravery and fighting during WWII. This is unique, for it is the only national flag that bears an award given to it by another country.

The ratio is 2:3, but the civil ensign is completely different and features a Maltese cross. The Malta flag is not often recognized, for it is a small island nation. However, the design is well recognized by Italian citizens.

The largest city and of the country is Birkirkara. The Malta flag belongs to a country whose national anthem or song is called “The Maltese Anthem”.

Some interesting facts about Malta:

religion: Roman Catholicism 98%
languages: Maltese, English
population: 402,000

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