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Luxembourg Flag
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The Luxembourg flag was adopted on June 23, 1972. It is a tricolor flag that has three horizontal bars with the following colors: red, white, and light blue. The Luxembourg flag was first used between 1845 and 1848.

The Luxembourg flag has colors that were originally used during the 1830 Belgian Revolution. Most likely, the colors were taken from the Province of Limbourg coat of arms. On June 12, 1845, the horizontal design of three colors was fixed.

One will notice that the blue color on the bottom bar is very bright. This was specified intentionally, in order to distinguish the Luxembourg flag from that of its neighbor, the Netherlands, which uses a darker blue. Michel Wolter introduced legislation to change the design in October of 2006, but it faces opposition.

The largest city and capital in the country is Luxembourg. The Luxembourg flag belongs to a country whose national motto is “We want to remain what we are”.

Some interesting facts about Luxembourg:

religion: Roman Catholicism 87%, others (including Protestant, Judaism, and Islam) 13%
languages: Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative), French (administrative as well)
population: 486,009

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