The Liechtenstein Flag

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The Liechtenstein flag was adopted on June 24, 1937. It is a bicolor flag with two horizontal bars: one blue and one red. There is a gold gold ducal crown on the left side. The proportions are 3:5.

The Liechtenstein flag has colors that most likely originate from the Principality's royal household in the 1700’s. It is very similar to the flag of Haiti.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Vaduz. The country has the national motto or slogan “For God, Prince and Fatherland” and the national anthem is “Up on the Young Rhine”.

Some interesting facts about Liechtenstein:

religion: Roman Catholicism 76.1%, Protestant 7.1%, unknown 10.7%, others 6.1%
languages: German (official language), Alemannic dialect
population: 34,467

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