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Liberia Flag
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The Liberian flag has eleven alternating red and white horizontal stripes. In the upper left corner, there is a blue field with a white star in it. The banner closely resembles that of the United States, which shows the nation’s connection to American slaves.

The Liberian flag is rich in meaning. White and red symbolize courage and morality. The blue represents the African continent and the white star stands for freedom. Its ratio is 10:19.

The nation gained independence from the United States in 1947. The Liberian flag is part of a country that is considered to be a republic. It is located in western Africa.

The capital city and largest city is Monrovia. The national motto is “The love of liberty brought us here”. The national anthem is titled “All Hail, Liberia, Hail!”. The Liberian dollar is used as the currency.

Some interesting facts about the Liberian:

religion: Christianity 40.0%, Islam 19.9%, indigenous beliefs 40.1%
languages: English and many other languages
population: 3,334,601

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