The Kazakhstan Flag

Kazakhstan Flag
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The Kazakhstan flag has the ratio 1:2 and was adopted officially on June 4, 1992, when it replaced the nation’s Soviet banner. The design was created by Shaken Niyazbekov. It is set on a light blue background. In the center, a sun with 32 beams is located. A steppe eagle is located underneath this.

The Kazakhstan flag also has the national ornament located on its left side. The banner represents the culture and art of the people. The light blue color represents various Turkic peoples. The blue stands for unity, and also has religious interpretations to the nation’s people.

The sun stands for abundance, life, energy, and wealth. The golden eagle on the Kazakhstan flag has been on various tribal flags of the people for hundreds of years. It represents freedom and the future.

The capital city is Astana, but the largest city in the country is Almaty. The Kazakhstan flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is titled “My Kazakhstan”. The currency is the Tenge.

Some interesting facts about Kazakhstan:

religion: Islam 47.1%, Russian Orthodoxy 43.9%, Protestants 2.1%, other religions 6.9%
languages: Kazakh, Russian
population: 15,340,602

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