The Japan Flag

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The Japan flag has the ratio 2:3. It was adopted as the civil banner on February 27, 1870, and then was adopted as the national banner on August 13, 1999. It has a white background with a red disc in the middle, which represents the rising sun.

The Japan flag is commonly called Hinomaru. The exact origins of the flag are not known, although the symbol of the rising sun has long been a part of the nation’s history. One theory is that Nichiren, a Buddhist religious leader, gave the banner to a shogun to be carried into battle against the Mongols.

The use of the flag was restricted during American occupation after WW2. These prohibitions of the Japan flag were later relaxed. The banner is somewhat unpopular within the nation’s former colonies.

The capital city and largest city of the country is Tokyo. The Japan flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is titled “Kimi ga Yo”. The currency is the Yen.

Some interesting facts about Japan:

religion: Shinto, Buddhism, Christianity
languages: Japanese
population: 127,288,523

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