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Jamaica Flag
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The Jamaican flag is green, black, and gold. The black represents strength and creativity. Yellow represents wealth and sunlight. Green represents farming and the future. The banner has proportions of 1:2.

The Jamaican flag was officially adopted on August 6, 1962. This was the original day of independence. The flag consists of a diagonal yellow cross on a green and black background. The first proposed design was a much simpler tricolor banner, which had the same colors.

The nation is considered to be part of the Greater Antilles. The Jamaican flag is part of a nation that gained its independence from the United Kingdom. The economy is based on farming, tourism, manufacturing, and mining.

The nation’s most populated and capital city is Kingston. The Jamaican flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “Out of many, one people”. The national anthem is titled “Jamaica, Land We Love”. The royal anthem is “God Save The Queen”.

Some interesting facts about Jamaica:

religion: Protestant 62.6%, Roman Catholicism 2.7%, others/unspecified 14.1%, no religion 20.8%
languages: English, English patois
population: 2,804,341

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