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Italy Flag
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The Italian flag was adopted on January 1, 1948. It is a tricolor flag with three equal vertical bars, which are red, white, and green. The rectangles proportions are 2:3. In 1797, the Cispadane Republic became the first location to use the design. The colors of red and white were taken from the flag of Milan. The color green was taken from the Lombard Legion.

The Italian flag was created at a time when many flags were based on the French model. The color green represents the plains and hills of Italy. The color white stands for the Alps. The color red stands for blood shed for Italy. Another view is that green represents hope, white represents faith, and red represents charity.

January 7th is national flag day in Italy. The Italian flag is very similar to the Mexican flag, but differs from it in shades of colors and its dimensions. At various times throughout history, various coats of arms have been placed in the middle or upper left corner of the banner.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Rome. The Italian flag belongs to a country whose national anthem or song is titled “The Song of the Italians”.

Some interesting facts about Italy:

religion: Roman Catholicism 90%, others 10% (including Protestant, Judaism, Islam)
languages: English, Irish, Gaelic
population: 58,145,336

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