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Ireland Flag
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The Irish flag was adopted in 1919. It is a tricolor flag, which consists of three vertical bars that are green, white, and orange. The green is supposed to represents Catholics. The orange is supposed to represent Protestants. The white is supposed to represent the peace between the two groups.

The Irish flag was first introduced in 1848 by Thomas Francis Meagher. The flag was not used though until 1916 during the Easter Rising. The flag proportions are 1:2.

Historically, many other versions have been flown, including the Saint Patrick's cross. The Irish flag is similar to that of the Ivory Coast, except for the order of the colors is reversed. The banner is very popular in the United States, where many people claim Irish ancestry. It can easily be seen on St. Patrick’s Day.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Dublin (located on the east coast). The Irish flag belongs to a country whose national anthem or song is titled “The soldier’s song”.

Some interesting facts about Ireland:

religion: Roman Catholicism 88.5%, Church of Ireland 2.9%, other Christians 1.6%, other 1.6%, unspecified 2%, atheist 3.6%
languages: English, Irish, Gaelic
population: 4,156,123

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