Ireland Coat of Arms

Ireland Coat od Arms
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The Ireland coat of arms was officially adopted on November 9th, 1945. However, the golden harp in the center, has been used as a national emblem much further back into the nation’s history. This Gaelic harp is known as the Clársach, and is depicted on a blue background.

The Ireland Coat of Arms depicts a harp that dates back to the 1200’s. It was used on coins created during the times of King John I and King Edward I. It was adopted as the national symbol during the reign of Henry I of Ireland in 1541.

The harp is sometimes called the harp of Brian Boru, who was a King of Ireland in 1002. The harp of the Ireland Coat of arms is also used as part of the shield on the royal arms of the UK. The harp is featured on the logos of many Irish organizations.

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