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Iceland Flag
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The Iceland flag is red, white and blue and was adopted in 1944. Much like the flags of its neighbors, it contains a Scandinavian Cross. It is the reverse image of the flag of Norway (who it once had a partnership with). The rectangles proportion is 25:18.

The Iceland flag was designed by Matthias Thordarson. There are 11 different days were law requires that the flag be flown by official buildings. One such day is the presidentís birthday. On Good Friday, the flag must be flown at half-mast.

A former flag was only blue and white. It was a version of the Iceland flag used around 1900 by republicans. It now bears close resemblance to the flag of Shetland, an archipelago off of the coast of Scotland.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Reykjavik. The Iceland flag belongs to a nation whose economy has a very vibrant fishing industry, both today and historically speaking.

Some interesting facts about Iceland:

religion: Lutheran Church of Iceland, Roman Catholicism, Reykjavik Free Church, Hafnarfjorour Free Church, other Christian sects
languages: Icelandic, some Nordic, English, German
population: 316,261

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