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Hungary Flag
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The Hungary flag is a tricolor with three horizontal bars. The colors are red, green, and white. The design originated in the push for freedom, which culminated the 1848 Revolution. The movement was against the Hapsburgs and the Monarchy. The design was based on the French flag.

The Hungary flag took its three colors from the historic coat of arms of the nation. This coat of arms first appeared in the 1400’s. White represents freedom and faithfulness. The green represents hope and pastures. The red represents blood shed and strength.

The proportions of the rectangle are 1:2 There have been several other historical Hungary flags. Some of these included Soviet versions with a communist-style coat of arms in the middle.

The largest city and capital city of the country is Budapest. The Hungary flag belongs to a nation whose national anthem or song is “God, bless the Hungarians”.

Some interesting facts about Hungary:

religion: Roman Catholicism 51.8%, Calvinism 15.8%, Lutherans 3%, Greek Catholicism 2.7%, other Christians 1.1%, other/ unspecified 11.2%, unaffiliated 14.4%
languages: Hungarian 93.7%, other/unspecified 6.3%
population: 10,041,147

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