The Hong Kong Flag

Hong Kong Flag
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The Hong Kong flag has proportions 2:3. It is set on a red background. It features a white flower, known as the Bauhinia blakeana, in the center. It was officially adopted on February 16th, 1990.

The Hong Kong flag was first flown on July 1st, 1997 when the country gained sovereignty. Red is the color of the Chinese people and shows nationalism. The flower represents harmony. Colonial flags were used from 1868 to 1997. They contained a Union Jack.

The banner was picked out of a design competition that had over 7,000 entries. The Hong Kong flag is part of a country that used to be a dependent territory of the United Kingdom. It is located in southeastern China.

It is a special administration region of China (along with Macau). The Hong Kong flag belongs to a country whose national anthem is “March of the Volunteers”.

Some interesting facts about Hong Kong:

religion: Buddhism 42.4%, Islam 15.0%, Hinduism 4.1%, Taoism 8.5%, Catholicism 4.8%, other Christians 9.9%, other 0.6%, no religion 14.7%
language: Cantonese 89.3% , other Chinese dialects 6.3%, other languages 1.1%, English 3.3%.
population: 7,018,701

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