The Honduras Flag

Honduras Flag
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The Honduras flag proportions are 1:2. It was officially adopted on adopted on January 9, 1866. It is based on the banner of Federal Republic of Central America.

The Honduras flag is a bicolor flag consisting of three horizontal bands. The colors are white and blue. The white represents peace, prosperity, and land. The two blue bands represent the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. In hopes that they would unite again, the banner contains five stars in the middle, representing the five countries that once made up the Federal Republic of Central America.

The naval ensign of the nation does not contain the stars, but rather the country’s coat of arms. The Honduras flag belongs to a nation that was formally known as Spanish Honduras. The country was granted independence from Spain in 1821, from Mexico in 1823, and then from PUCA in 1838.

The nation’s most populated and capital city is Tegucigalpa. The Honduras flag belongs to a nation whose national motto is “Free, Sovereign and Independent”. The national anthem is titled “Himno Nacional de Honduras”.

Some interesting facts about Honduras:

religion: Roman Catholicism 97.1%, Protestant 2.9%
languages: Spanish, Amerindian
population: 7,639,401

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